10 Days in Sun City

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akpos 3.jpgSynopsis

Again Akpos embarks on another journey, this time as a model’s manager, and somehow finds that he is standing between a dangerous pervert and the object of his lustful desires.

I actually waited for two weeks after seeing this movie to write this review, because I wanted to ensure that I would be as objective as possible.

What do I LOVE about this movie? Many things!

At the fore is that it reminds us of the RMD we all fell in love with in Checkmate. What is a stereotype? Puhleez, that is the RMD we love!!! I loved Otunba’s character, I even loved it the more because it was played by RMD. Gbenro Ajibade’s role was fantastic. Ali Baba’s role was short but very relevant, same with Mercy Johnson Okogie’s and Falz’s. Whoever did the casting for this movie deserves an award. Everyone’s role was well played. To start to talk about Adesua Etomi and AY is basically stating the obvious. Casting and role-play is one of the best parts of this movie.

It is easy to make people laugh, but very hard work to get people to laugh and give them something to think about while at it. This movie very intelligently achieves that. Beyond the main story, are other very important messages that are geared towards making the audience reflect on life and the society. That for me is comedy because it conforms with Aristotle’s template and of course leaves its audience as better people. It is in Akpos’s dialogue with Falz’s character, it is in Monica’s (Mercy Johnson Okogie) role, and one important line of thought that is so easy to miss would be movie’s hypothesis that laughter is cultural. So, in the scene where Akpos (who insists that he is the ultimate comedian based on his successes on stage in Warri) eventually gets airtime on stage in Sun City, he finds out that he is unable to get anyone to laugh, and try as hard as he may, he gets the reverse effect and ends up repulsing the audience. There are so many other postulations in this movie that makes it the ultimate comedy, and the best of the Akpos movies.

Because every movie is a different experience, I think that it would be unfair to compare the three Akpos movies, but 10 Days in Sun City is my favourite so far.

Favourite scenes? So many!!!

I think it just has to be the scene where Bianca breaks a bottle on Otunba’s head and goes, “Your Father!” Wait! Who else saw TuBaba’s epic take off from the stage? LOL! Ok, but I almost gave a standing ovation when Otunba calmly whispered, “find my girl, and bring her to me,” to Gbenro Ajibade’s character and continued with his meeting. (Maybe I am just too much of an RMD fan.)

There are some continuity errors in the movie, but they happen while the audience is tense and waiting for a Deus ex Machina effect that it is so easy to miss. And then, Kim Kay was an important character. What happened to her?

Ok! The person who did the music score for the movie definitely has a wicked sense of humour. The only downside to the choice of songs is that you have to live in Nigeria and be very up-to-date with current social issues in Nigeria to catch the joke.

10 Days in Sun City is worth your time. I am looking forward to seeing it again.






Wives On Strike

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Omoni Oboli, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez, Ufoma McDermott, Chioma Akpotha, Kenneth Okonkwo, Julius Agwu, Kalu Ikeagwu, Kehinde Bankole, Peggy Ovire etc and Emem Isong (as herself)

Wow! I have been so MIA here that I do not even know how to begin an apology. I sincerely apologise and I do intend to be here more often SHMG!



Anytime I started to read up any review on this movie, it always looked like it would be a negative one, so I tried to not read any reviews about this movie because I wanted to see it and enjoy it with a clear head, or maybe I just didn’t want any spoilers (even though I sort of enjoy spoling). Guess what? I loved it!

By that, I do not mean that it was perfect or too good to be true, but that it is a movie that everyone needs to see over and over again. I think I am in love with what the movie stands for, the most. I love the idea of demonstrating that you do not have to be educated or wealthy or influential to initiate a positive revolution that can change your world. For me, that is the best part of this movie. Same thing was done in Murder At Prime Suites where the Nigerian Police was made to look like the most effective in the world. I believe that those are subtle attempts at using film to change how your audience view their world.

Wives On Strike is about a group of market women who take their “I no go gree” attitude too far and in the process initiate a movement that eventually makes their country better. It is a movie that goes straight to the point and delivers its message.

One cannot say enough how much of a great actor Kalu Ikeagwu is. I cannot even think of anyone else who could have played Senator Aniete better. Pairing him up with Chioma Akpotha was just perfect. All the pairs were actually pretty cool except for the Ufoma McDermott/Udoka Oyeka (forgive me if I did not get the surname right) pair. Ufoma McDermott was amazing as Mama Amina, but I the guy who played her husband could have given the role a better shot. I loved Uche Jombo-Rodriguez’s role in the movie. Good cast!

Then there is this very huge continuity error that you cannot miss (The editor of the movie needs to return change if you ask me, but no one asked, so …). Some people will miss it anyway so no need to point it out. The costumes and makeup were apt.

Basically, Wives On Strike is an advocacy movie that happens to be a comedy and one of the movies you should see (if you have not) and see again.


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Stan Nze intensely hues up “Colorless”!colourless


Paraplegic and over indulged Dave is cruising at an extremely high altitude of anger and resentment, especially at his twin brother Raphael for stealing his “life”. However, he comes crashing when he decides to exert vengeance. 

If there is one thing to love about this movie, it has to be how the movie sneakily delivers a sermon on bitterness and unforgiveness without coming across as overtly religious or too preachy. Colourless is  not your everyday feel-good movie, but it is one of those movies that you will always remember. Dave is one character that will always prop up in your mind’s eye the next time you see anyone in a wheelchair.

Again, Stan Nze delivers a brilliant performance. I cannot say if Dave is his best act yet, but surely he amazingly interprets this role. Dave is … one character that you will love and hate at the same time, and then end up loving some more. It was easy to connect with his anger. It felt like he was always on the verge of exploding, especially when it had to do with Raphael, yet you could hardly fault him. (Am I the one who is being too emotional here? Oops!) Even if you do not love Dave, you will definitely love Stan Nze’s interpretation of the role.

Chris Okagbue as Raphael is a relief… At least for once he is not playing playboy or runaway boyfriend or anything within that range. I liked the Zainab charater and everything she stood for in the movie, but apart from chasing Dave, and being Kate’s friend, did she not have a life? No family, no house, …. duhhhh! And you want us to believe its agape love? Hian! For an important character as that, she came across as flat. So what if the movie is exactly about Dave? We should at least understand what would motivate someone who ends up being his biggest or only positive influence. Not so?

Anne Njemanze plays a mother who struggles to love her twin sons equally. I expected that she would break down somewhere in the movie, (the last scene could have been perfect), but na me write the script?  How her character is able to hold in all the mental exhaustion from Dave and still forgive him so easily is one mystery that I will never solve. She could have at least lost her temper once or something, but no, she is super mummy,  so “unlook” …  . But it’s only those you love that can actually hurt you right?  I think her character was sort of flat and somewhat inconsistent. That she would react to Pat like that leaves a big stain on her super woman image though. Beht who am I to judge?

I don’t understand the logic behind casting Gregory Ojefua as John. I hope it was not to score a comic point because he was not even close, and I was wondering what he was doing in the movie till I remembered that Dave needed to have a domestic staff at least, so … okay. The one person who gives some relief to the whole tenseness happens to be Kate (Judith Audu Fogt) with her musical laughter and bright smiles. Little wonder the movie goes straight into a strictly-business mode as soon as her character is killed.

My worst scene in the movie is definitely the investigating room scene. In addition to the sound issues, which I hope get fixed before the movie gets to the cinemas, there just had to be the female officer or investigator –idk. Please, is there a way to just totally mute that character, especially the line where she goes full-scale cliche and quips “if he did the crime, he should do the time”. Arrrggghhhh! Just MUTE HER already!

Colorless is one helluva focused movie. It’s not exactly aimed at keeping you in suspense, but will keep you glued to your screen.  It has got a rather serious message and goes straight to running its course without any distractions or unnecessary scenes, and is definitely a must-see not because it is perfect, but because of its message that I consider germane.






BAD DROP -#NewMovieAlert

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Buzz! Buzz!
So we hear there’s a new comedy to watch out for….
It is entitled BAD DROP and promises to keep you glued to your screen and crack you up at the same time.

Starring: : Kalu Ikeagwu, Stan Nze, Mary Lazarus, Sandra Ezeh,Ani Iyoho and Introducing Angel Vara


Produced by Sobe Charles Umeh and Stanley Nzediegwu for 1st – Rate Picture and Element 47 Picture.

Directed by Sobe Romeo Charles​


Oreva, a young professional, forgets his tab containing really important documents needed for a business presentation, in a taxi. He has to get the tab back in time for the presentation or his company would lose the contract and he, his job. Meka the taxi man, on the other hand has a lot of family issues to sort. His wife is due for delivery and the baby could come any time. His friend advises him to sell the tab and use the money to take care of the hospital bills.

Oreva has to find his tab if he must remain employed, and Meka must do what he has to do to keep his family. Earlier, Oreva saw a “Buy Me” sign with a phone number on Meka’s cab and can remember some digits of the number because the first 9 digits were exactly his baby sister’s phone number. He is meant to figure out the last 2 digits to reach Meka. With the help of his colleague Oyinda, Oreva sets out to find the taxi..

I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one.
You should!

Confusion Na Wa

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O.C. Ukeje, Ikponwosa Gold, Ramsey Nuoah, Ali Nuhu, Tony Goodman

“We are living in a country where you can’t steal anything because someone else has stolen it.”
-Charles Duka (Confusion Na Wa)


So I had heard from word-of-mouth reviews that Confusion Na Wa was simply “rubbish.” Others described it as “pure nonsense plus waste of time and money.” Hearing that at a time when I seemed to be out of luck and seeing a chain of not-so-impressive movies, I decided to heed the red lights and stay off. Anyways I recently saw it and took time to think before concocting this.

Confusion Na Wa directly mirrors our society and some of the complexities associated with our everyday realities. At the crux of events are Chichi and Charles, two rascals oblivious to the many incidents triggered off by their indiscreet malefactions. In summary, this movie shows how connected we all are by virtue of our co-existence in one society.

O.C. Ukeje (Charles) and Ali Nuhu (Bello) deliver classic performances by excellently playing out their roles. Beyond being a comic character, Bello epitomizes citizens who strive to be good or patriotic in what is left of a corrupt society . Little wonder he gets served with not only the loss of his job but also an irksome wife who is unfaithful. Of course we must applaud Chichi (Ikponwosa Gold), Charles’ partner cum sidekick who ends up paying for a crime that he did-not-exactly commit although he is guilty by association and consent. On the whole, the movie comprises characters who reflect vignettes of the different kinds of people in our society. Events are supposed to happen within 24 hours but happen in far less if we remember that all actions are actually recollections explaining Chichi’s demise.

Both picture and audio qualities turned out fine. There are no dazzling sets or costumes but… what I loved about this movie is its depth that may easily be overlooked or mistaken for simplicity. This commentary would be incomplete if I do not mention all the informative yet comic allusions to The Lion King.

I, however have a problem with the all the female acts in this movie. I honestly don’t know how to rate them but I think they were all rather too passive. The movie could have done without the Igbo exchanges between Emeka Nwosu (Ramsey Nuoah) and his wife. Firstly, they were not subtitled, secondly neither got the pronunciations right. Besides that, there are scarcely any spoilers.

If you haven’t seen Confusion Na Wa, I recommend that you do (that is if you are given to thought-provoking flicks). If you have, I would love to know what you think of it.

30 Days in Atlanta

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Director: Robert Peters
Starring: AY, Ramsey Nuoah, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Lynn Whitfield, Desmond Elliot, Karlie Redd, Mercy Johnson, Rachael Oniga, Ada Ameh, Vivica A. Fox, Kesse Jabari


30 Days in Atlanta takes us through the adventures of the zany yet sentient Akpos (AY) and his friend Richard (Ramsey Nuoah) during their visit to Atlanta.


If there is something everyone agrees on, it is the truth/fact that this movie is the minimum-of-two-cinema-visits type of movie, that is while we wait to grab it as soon as it is released on DVD. The movie draws on the motif of schtick Akpos and his many misdemeanors to create whiz entertainment.
Everything is in place in this ‘a-laugh-a-minute’ flick and the effect is a cinch and well-made movie that redefines Nollywood comedies. Ramsey Nuoah surprises us all because no one would really think of him as comic. Surely this review would be incomplete if I don’t mention Lynn ‘Omotogbe’ Whitfield. (I cast and bind every temptation to reveal anything. Go and watch ya own!) Still on surprises, where/how did they find Kesse Jabari? Wow!!!
For one who has seen this movie twice, and is planning a third visit to the cinema, I can hardly fault 30 Days in Atlanta, but can confidently say that if you are yet to see this movie, then you haven’t really laughed in a long time.

I look forward to a sequel (or sequels), series, parts 1-10… whatever… but Akpos must be kept alive.

When Love Happens

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When Love Happens tells the story of a twenty-eight year old events planner and v-logger who has been unlucky in love and of the many frogs she in her attempts to explore new vistas at finding love, only to realise that Mr. Right had been much closer than she imagined

Albeit hinged on one of the oldest, most recycled and predictable romantic comedy story lines, the movie still successfully leaves one with all the feel-good emotions that come with seeing a romantic comedy. It’s important to applaud the excellent casting and great acting by the cast. There’s always that freshness that goes with new faces who know their onions -you almost forget it’s make-believe.


Weruche Opia does a great job at playing Moduroti Bankole-Smith, the lead protagonist. It’s the first time I’m seeing her in a movie but boy… I am impressed. (Am I the only one who noticed that even the character name is in sync with the movie theme?) Gideon Okeke plays Tobe, the best friend/shoulder-cry-on who just cannot voice his feelings -at least not to the one person who needs to know. And then there’s the arrogant Dare so professionally played by O.C. Ukeje. Ahhhh! We must not forget Mo’s boss, the unrepentant cheating husband, played by Desmond Elliot. If there’s any issue I have with this movie, it’s using Blossom Chukwujekwu in just one scene but then…
Other cast members, Ekpeyong Bassey Inyang, Shaffy Bello, Bukky Wright, Wale Ojo, Beverly Naya, and Oreka Godis all deliver their roles In a way that makes it easy to fall in love with this movie.
When Love Happens is one love story that is funny, witty, and easy to follow along. Let’s just say that for the first time in a long time, a Nollywood high-budget movie (everyone knows my fears based on past experience) quite got romance right.

Being Mrs Elliot (Guest Review)

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<strong>A Review on the movie ‘Being Mrs Elliot’.

Starring; Omoni Oboli, Uru Eke, Comedian AY, Imeh Bishop Umoh, Lepacious Bose, Majid Michele and a host of others.
Director; Omoni Oboli.
After much fuss about this movie, I decided to give it a shot, and believe me, I wasn’t disappointed. Other than a few hiccups here and there, I must say it’s a commendable effort by Omoni Oboli.
The movie revolves around two women who in a simple twist of fate find their worlds colliding with each other in a maze of deception, lust, pain, jealousy and intrigues to make their lives rearrange in ways they did not expect. There are two women trying to run away from different issues. Omoni plays the bossy, stuck up Mrs Elliot, who with the advice of friends uses her very own hands to destroy what is left of her almost broken marriage, Uru on the other hand witnessed the murder of her fiancé and is on the run from his killers. They both meet at the airport, and the journey to an unexpected end begins. The questions you keep asking yourself whilst seeing this movie is, will Mrs Elliot ever be able to build back her shattered marriage? How far can Uru run considering that the killers have her most important details?
The cast of this movie did a fantastic job in delivering their roles, I must give special kudos to Majid Michele, the guy knows his onions; Omoni Oboli did a good job, considering she had to play two characters at some point; AY definitely is a ‘jack of all trades’. I was a little skeptical about him but, ‘boy’’ he definitely surprised me. Lepacious Bose is just a Natural in her role interpretation skills, while Bishop IME and his unique style of comedy was good comic relief.
Being Mrs Elliot is a fantastic blend of intrigue, suspense, romance and comedy, and did I mention, it wasn’t the regular Nollywood ‘ boy meets girl, next thing they are running round Elegushi or some location with ice-cream and flowers (phew) kind of romance? It also wasn’t predictable.
On the bad side, the picture quality was poor, and did the camera man have any personal beef with Omoni Oboli? He just kept focusing on her pimple and how the makeup did a bad job trying to hide it. At some point, I thought the pimple had a role to play in the movie. Don’t blame a girl for expecting so much, it was all up in my face. The Makeup on the other hand was just a little away from horrible -it missed it with a tiny inch. These hiccups can be overlooked considering it was a job well done by all the acts involved.
This movie was written, produced and directed by Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli, who has been married for 14 years and is blessed with three boys. Kudos to her.

This review was sent in by regular contributor, Yvonne Samayin.
Follow her on Twitter @hotslimmy
Stalk her on Instagram @slimspice16

Disclaimer: Nollypundit is not responsible for the commentary/review/opinion of a guest contributor.

Unstoppable Bobby Nnadiekwe! “Nollywood Hustler With A Difference”

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In recent times, The Nigerian movie audience has witnessed the influx of many new acts who are in their own way making their own imprint and carving a niche for themselves in the industry. One of those is Bobby Nnadiekwe who in this interview shares more about himself while describing himself as a hustler.

Q. Who is Bobby Nnadiekwe?
A. Bobby Nnadiekwe is a bundle of talents. He acts, models, dances, is an entertainer, an adrenaline junkie, and a Nollywood die-hard fan. He is also a friendly but very reserved person.

Q. Hmmm! Would you say you are a hustler?
A. Everyone in the entertainment business is a hustler. The society at large is filled with hustlers in every sector. Everyone that has ever risen from obscurity to the limelight or pushed their businesses to the next frontier were once hustlers with something to offer. To answer your question, yes I am a hustler but I am not just any hustler; I am a hustler with something unique to offer, who is equipped to entertain. I am a hustler with a difference.

Q. What inspired your hustling into acting?
A. Acting is something I have always wanted to do.Not because of the attendant fame, but because I am happiest when imitating someone that isn’t me. I am passionate about the arts. Also, I like the freedom that comes with it to be my own boss, and how it helps one dictate how one’s time is used. I am one person who cherishes his freedom, and wouldn’t give that up for a nine-to-five.

Q. What movies have you featured in?
A. Walking Tall alongside Yvonne Okoro, Bishop Umoh, Mike Godson, and Beverly Osu; Gallant Mamas and Swagger Mama featuring Patience Ozokwo and Ngozi Ezeonu; Make me a Widow featuring Ebube Nwagbo, Clem Ohameze, Angela Okorie and Adaora Ukoh; Ritual Mothers alongside Eucheria Anunobi, Patience Ozokwor and Ngozi Ezeonu; Red Mafians; White Baggers; Tears of Ojiugo; Heart of a Saint, and many others.


Q. On a scale of 1 to 10, how popular are you in entertainment circles?
A. Hmmm! (thinking) I think the meter will read 5 point something. Err… with regards to my fan base, I am more popular in the South-East than in Lagos. Amongst entertainment practioners? I know a lot of people who know me as well, but very soon, like Phyno, the table will turn and my name will be enough to introduce me to people. It’s called hard work plus smart work. My manager and I are strategizing on a daily basis and that explains why I relocated to Lagos recently, for visibility.
Also, times have changed. Before the advent of Social Media, Nollywood movies generally referred to as ‘Asaba movies’ these days used to have a lot of media coverage when they were known as ‘Upper Iweka Films’. If I had started my career during that era, perhaps I would be more known because I have featured in quite a number of films. But movies produced in Lagos get better coverage these days because of the detail put into it, and because Lagos is more like the heart of the Social Media hub in Nigeria.

In lieu of moving my career to the next level, I am banking heavily on prayers and God’s abundant grace.

Q. What should we expect from you?
A. A lot! I made my official debut into the Lagos Entertainment scene at the Ecowas Fashion Week where I rocked Uche Nnaji’s Ouch Couture alongside Bryan Okwara, Juliet Ibrahim and Timi Dakolo. I have some movie and TV roles lined up for me. Alongside, I will be doing plenty of fashion modeling. I just did a fashion shoot for Johnson-Johnson, a designer in Port-Harcourt for his look-book, and something beautiful is brewing, I wish I can spill out all the details but I have agreed to a non-disclosure clause attached to this project brewing which I am very excited about. Please, be on the lookout for me on twitter via @BobbyNnadiekwe to get scoops as these events/projects unfold.


Q. Nice chatting with you Bobby!
A. The pleasure is mine, and thanks for having me. I am a fan.

Q. Really?
A. Yes! I read your write-up, your movie reviews, they are very original. In your own little way you’ve been contributing to the growth of Nollywood. Thank you.

Q. Thank you! Wish you the best in your career, and I will look out for works from the next chapter of your career.

Bobby can be reached on Twitter via @BobbyNnadiekwe (as stated in the interview)
OR his manager via email: richyodilu@yahoo.com / twitter: @thenaijaseer


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Starring: Chioma Chukwuka, Kalu Ikeagwu, Frederic Leonard
Director: Teco Benson

Basically, Accident is the story of how bad luck just happens to people who have been good all their lives and just made one mistake. First we are not told how Barr. Chi Mba (Chioma Akpotha) got attracted to her client, Chike Dimobi (Frederic Leonard). We just see them in bed in one scene, and the next they are talking about orgasms and how many times they have in 30 minutes … And I’m like duuuh! Let’s just say it was lust on the Chike’s part, and ‘the need to experiment’ on Chi’s part because I did not see any chemistry whatsoever. But trust ‘kasala’ to burst on that very night leaving a confession from Chi as the only option to save Chike Dimobi from a death sentence.

Okay! According to the film, a confession was the only way out. I think ‘Mrs. Mba’ as she always insisted to be called by Chike was not thorough as a lawyer because she was consumed by her guilt and there could have been another way to save his life … ( the storytellers should have consulted plenty John Grisham- like novels for any Jackie Chan moves other than a confession) …but… I am just an audience.

All the same, Accident is a suspense-filled movie (although I don’t like the way it ended). It’s one that will keep you guessing till the end.