How To Be Lola’s Husband

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Synopsis- a man approaches his fiancée’s ex-husband for help with understanding his wife-to-be. Unfortunately his fiancée and her ex are not exactly as done with each other as expected.

This Africa Magic Original Films comes up as a breath of fresh air as it has a fine selection of Nollywood old and new acts. Like seriously, Racheal Oniga??? Where has she been?

Femi Jacobs (a fantastic actor in my opinion) plays Kelvin, Lola’s ex-husband who has not exactly moved on and finds himself faced with the dilemma of giving up his chances with his Lola. As far as I am concerned, Afeez (the character) is a certified “mugu”. Which sane man gives fish to a rat for safekeeping? I did not feel any form of pity towards Afeez whatsoever. I saw it coming form the minute he approached Kelvin. The actor, who played Afeez, Michael Uchegbu, is one to be on the lookout for. For some reason, he reminds me of Kanayo O. Kanayo. And yes, his voice ******* swoons*

How could Lola even abandon that voice (with plenty money) to go back to broke, jobless, … Kelvin?
Love though…

Ivie Okujaiye gives a superb performance as Lola, a very confused woman with many issues. In the scene where she went for the wedding dress fitting, I almost suspected lunacy. She is indeed a superb actress.

Another actress to watch out for is the girl who played Kelvin’s girlfriend. I did not quite get her name but she really did justice to her role.

Trust Racheal Oniga to just be the perfect bossy mother. The name of her character was well suited for the role, Philadelphia Abimbola. LOL! Who would not be intimidated?

I can’t really say much for suspense in this movie. From the minute Afeez made the offer, I could predict the end. But the comic scenes, which are really so many, will keep you glued to your screen.
I enjoyed seeing this movie although it think the end was kind of rushed. I don’t think the movie was fair to Afeez’s character but then “all’s fair in love, war and competition”.

The lessons behind this movie are both timely and relevant especially in a generation with records of marriages ending after a week or less.

How To Be Lola’s Husband is a must-see.
Looking forward to many mire Africa Magic original films.


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